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With over 22 years of operations, Hughes Innovations specializes in Refractory bricks for Cement Kilns. Refractory Technology, Cement Kiln Process Engineering and supply chain management are Hughes Innovations’ core disciplines and foundation of the organization.

1998 - Expanded operations 

East Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Congo and Ethiopia

1996 - Company Founded

Began operations in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

2018 - Global Organization

Opened an office in Nanjing, China.


Everything we do is with the customer in mind. Our mission is to provide our customers with, high quality Cement Refractory Bricks and Accessories at an optimal price with timely delivery. 


To be the most customer centric and forward thinking Refractory supplier in Africa and North America.


Our Services


We solve clinkering problems in Cement Kilns and find solutions.

Technical Advisory

Expert recommendations of prime bricks, process burning

conditions to achieve long life of

bricks and accessories.


Satisfy our customers procurement and supply chain goals.

Our Solutions

  • Innovative cement refractory products, with superior performance due to prime grades of Bricks &  SIC-Castable.

  • High strength, erosion and corrosion resistance

  • High thermal shock resistance

  • Price competitiveness 

Our Value Adds

  • Environmentally friendly Refractory products  to reduce global carbon footprint 

  • Targeting annual sales of 50,000 tons of Refractory Bricks and Accessories 

  • Contribute to Research and Development

  • Customer base and experience in Africa, North America and China


Benefits of Silicon Carbide Bricks

  1. Low thermal conductivity, the temperature of kiln shell is reduced by ≥ 80 ° C using Silicon Carbide Bricks than spinel bricks. Fuel savings due to lower kiln shell heat emissions with minimal use of kiln shell blowers.

  2. The brick density is 10% less in Silicon Carbide Bricksthan spinel brick, more than 1.2 tons of bricks will be saved for each metre of cement kiln installed. This automatically reduces the cost of bricks per metre and  the kiln drive load will be less, thus saving on KWH power consumption substantially.

  3. The service life of Silicon Carbide Bricks, confidently reaches 12 months in the LTZ and CBZ. However, the spinel bricks you can not be sure. The Silicon Carbide Bricks brand can reach more than three years of life in the UTZ.

  4. Silicon Carbide Bricks are not affected by high humidity and have longer shelf life unlike the spinel bricks. Spinel bricks can be hydrated with exposure to humidity especially in the coastal regions.

  5. The mechanical stress is caused by limited tyre slip and clearance usually due to kiln mis-alignment. With Silicon Carbide Bricks there is an advantage of the bricks flexing more at high temperatures this helps to prevent serious brick crushing.




Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Jiangning District, Nanjing City, P.R. China


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